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SIP trunking also known as session initiated protocol is being used widely in business telecommunication language. Though it has been used in the past few years a lot of people may not understand what it really entails, especially if you are not familiar with terminologies used in telecommunication. If your business deals mainly with data and voice traffic, this can be of great help in your business.

It allows you, the owner of a business, to be able to do simple business functions such as making phone calls both inbound and outbound. It utilizes the VoIP technology, but sometimes it can be more diverse when dealing with the business environment. It can also be useful for businesses and enterprises that use functions that are more complex such as conference calls which require multimedia for functions such as live document presentation and live stream videos.

There are also other features and functions that are available when you use this technology. It offers services such as chat and push to talk that have gained a lot of momentum in the e-commerce world and the Web. With today's eCommerce this can be equated as a very important aspect due to the high demand of customers making purchases online via their mobile phones. This technology is able to enhance web conferencing making communication in the business easy and reliable.

AS clients and consumers in the technology industry become more technology oriented, businesses that are hungry for more income and revenue are turning to this service which enables them to bridge the gap between the sales process and the medium for marketing. With convergence of many communications this process can be collaborated and streamlined.

It will be an advantage to your business if you incorporate this technology as it will help you save on costs. One does not need to buy costly PRIs, PSTN or BRI gateways. Using this technology helps open up new scopes of establishing new types of communication of real time outside the LAN. They are more reliable than traditional PSTN.



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